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This site is a replacement for an earlier Byzantine site - The Romaioi Site which was unceremoniously dumped from cyberspace with closure of NBCi's page hosting service in 2001. The new site is hosted on its own server so that particular rug-pulling trick shouldn't happen again ! Some content has been imported in revised form from the old site in addition to new images, maps and articles. The site is in a state of on-going development and new material is being added regularly.

Content for the site was prepared by Chris Ambrose. Photographs were taken by Chris Ambrose in 1990, 1997 and 2000, and Brent Ostrowski in 2001 (thanks again Brent !). Text and images may be reproduced for non-profit or educational purposes but we would appreciate being asked first :)

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Well, positive or useful feedback is a concrete way of supporting the site. A paypal donation link has also been included to defray web hosting costs. Your support would be gratefully accepted:


This site does not support hijacking of the historical record to serve any particular nationalist, ethnic, philisophical or religious agenda. No content within the site should be read as doing so: its focus upon the life and achievement of one particular state, society, and culture should not be interpreted as a failure to appreciate the life and achievement of other states, societies and cultures. Phew :-)

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