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Why a links page ? Especially in this age of Google ascendancy ? Well, no self-respecting site would be without one. Besides I see some value in highlighting the contibution made by the creators of the sites set out below, especially when in general terms the Byzantine on-line presence appears to have declined somewhat in recent years.

As this site has only just been launched, and there are other priorities for work, the links page as it currently stands is relatively modest. Please feel free to email me with any suggestions for inclusion

General History/ Meta-Sites

These sites offer a range of good secondary, and sometimes primary, material coupled with collections of useful links.

Byzantium: The Byzantine Studies Page
Paul Halsall's meta-site. No longer appears to be regularly updated, but still worth an explore. Check out in particular the interesting introductory article and also the Byzantine Online Sources link.

Byznet: Byzantine Studies on the Net
A well put-together site, now in its eighth year, with pertinent content and a nice approach. Particularly useful sections on coins and maps and a helpful list of Emperors from Arcadius (4th century) through to Constantine XI (15th century).

History of Romiosini: Hellenism in the Middle Ages
Permanently unfinished (a state I can relate to !), and rather partisan, this site nevertheless offers some very in-depth essays on various periods and subjects in Byzantine history

Byzantine Studies at Notre Dame
I have included this site, associated with the Milton Anastos Library of Byzantine Civilization at the University of Notre Dame, under this heading mainly because it includes a multi-page essay concentrating upon Byzantium's cultural fusion of Greek, Roman and Christian elements.

Link Collections Byzantine History
A very useful, extensive and well organised collection of annotated links covering such topics as Byzantine political, religious and military history, Byzantine people and Art & Architecture. Also includes an introductory essay.

NM's Creative Impulse: Byzantine and Islamic Worlds
An extensive digest of links, part of a larger reference site aimed at students. Includes some interesting and/or obscure links which you won't find elsewhere.

World History Compass: Byzantium
A small collection of links which is part of a much larger site devoted to the on-line study of history. The objective of the World History Compass is to offer " enough links to at least get you going on the right trail".

Byzantine Empire Resources on the World Wide Web: An experiment in electronic research.
Part of a PhD thesis. Offers a very large database of categorised and evaluated links.

Celtiagh Spioradail Eachdraidh : Byzantine History Links Part of a much larger site from Robert Harbison, dedicated mostly to Celtic history and spirituality, with a few digressions, such as this page !


A Chronology of Events and Episodes in Byzantine History
Virtually a year-by-year listing of events in Byzantine political history from the seventh to the eleventh centuries.

De Imperatoribus Romanis: An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors
Recognising Byzantium's political continuity with the the Roman Empire, this site includes some well-written capsule biographies of Byzantine Emperors.


Byzantium - Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies Online
Dumbarton Oaks - Byzantine Studies


Coins and History of Byzantium
An extensive illustrated directory of Byzantine coins, from the 4th through to the 15th century.

Art History, Galleries and Museums

Byzantium 1200.
This very impressive site is back up and running, after an apparent hiatus some time ago. As the site's index pages states: "Byzantium 1200 is a project aimed at creating computer reconstructions of the Byzantine Monuments located in Istanbul, TURKEY as of year 1200 AD". Some of the reconstructions are necessarily a bit speculative, but they are a wonderful aid to visualisation.

Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens.
The Museum itself is definitely worth a visit if you find yourself in Athens, and it makes a nice change from the over-heated, over-crowded atmosphere of the City's classical sights. The web site has some nice small images of some of the museum's key holdings.

The Glory of Byzantium.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art's on-line exploration of Byzantium was created in conjunction with the international loan exhibition The Glory of Byzantium (March 11 - July 6, 1997), which celebrated the art of the second golden age of Byzantine art (843-1261).

Tanenbaum Gallery of Byzantine Art.
From the Royal Ontario Museum. Extends beyond the usual field of 'high' art (mosaics, icons etc) to such categories as official stamps and seals, jewellry, lamps and lighting.

Byzantine Life and People

A Boke of Gode Cookery: Byzantine Recipes
Just for fun, prepare a Byzantine feast !

Antiqua Medicina: Byzantine
A page with some material on Byzantine medical texts and techniques. From the University of Virginia School of Medicine.

The Basics of Byzantine Dress c.1000AD
From Dawn Vukson-Van Beek. A comprehensive set of pages on Byzantine costume, with diagrams, photographs and references.

Other Links coming soon !

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